"HUMAN MEAT gets you RIPPED!!!" Famous words of Bird, one of our clients that has gotten extemly good results from our weight training and bootcamp program. If you are looking for some low carb recipes to compliment your bootcamp training and get lean well here are some great ideas!! You will find some great tasting meals that give you the feedom to mix and match with side dishes. You will also find some humor in the names of the recipes such as "muscle balls" and "human meat"!!!
The Elite Fitness Metabolic Diet: The metabolic diet works by using dietary fats for energy, thus igniting the Krebs cycle to drive body fat into the cells to be burned. You keep proteins high to save muscle tissue and carbohydrates low to ensure lipolysis, which is the use of fat for energy.
It is a common misconception that alcohol itself makes a person “fat” because of the calories being consumed. Although alcohol can be detrimental to our gains in the gym, this theory is not entirely true. Lets take a more in depth look at the effect alcohol consumption has on the human body and 9 reasons why it should be avoided!

Goal Setting: The inches make the mile....


   Many people get started in fitness every day, but fail to establish concrete goals. All too often one might say “I just want to tone up” or “I just want to do more pull ups”.   But guess what… these are not quantifiable goals! It is these people that find excuses a month later as to why they can’t make it to the gym or maintain a healthy diet. These people never set concrete goals! This is a one-way ticket to failure, leaving one with less self esteem, less confidence and further from his or her dreams.

    When you get in your car do you just start driving? Or do you get in your car with a destination (goal) in mind? Hopefully it’s the latter of the two.

   Setting quantifiable goals can help motivate, empower, and encourage one to stay on course throughout the duration of a total body transformation. There will be times when external factors will get in the way such as peer pressure and temptations. It’s called “LIFE”. However, measurable goals will help one to stay strong during moments of weakness.

 How do I set goals?

1)    Long-term goal- When setting goal it is good to pick a goal that is a long term, 1-2 years out. Then WRITE IT DOWN! 

2)    Backward planning- Set smaller more achievable goals that will get you to that long-term goal. These goals should be specific and measurable. This will help build momentum toward that big goal.

3)    Make today valuable: Set dates that you want to achieve these goals by. For example; if there is an event 90 days out and you decide not to train today or not to eat healthy, then you just wasted 1 of 90 days to make your goal a reality.

4)    Know your starting point- Take a picture of yourself, print it out, put the date on it and starting weight. Take girth measurements of arms, waist, hips etc. Write those numbers down and begin to chart the progress weekly. This will become crucial for knowing exactly how far you have come.

 Here is an example of what a weight loss goal should look like by month:

 Goal: Lose 100lbs by Oct. 1, 2014 (Average 2lbs per week)

Duration: 52 weeks

Month 1: -Start tracking calories in MYFITNESS PAL app and lower calories to 1,500

            Week 1: Start doing 30 minutes of activity (walking, riding                                 bike) 3x week

            Week 2: Progressively lower carb intake by 10g per day

            Week 3: Give up one un-healthy life choice (i.e., smoking, soda, alcohol)

            Week 4: Check out and sign up for Elite Personal training or boot camp.

Month 2: Start Elite fitness training personal training or boot camp

            Week 1: Investigate ‘Must have” supplements (i.e. Multi vitamins, protein, ect)

            Week 2: Re-evaluate calorie intake. Find some new lo-carb recipes to make.

Week 3: Continue with training; make a specific fitness goal (such as 30 sit-ups or push-ups without stopping) and start working towards that goal

Week 4: Continue tracking your progress; if goal of 2lbs per week is not met then adjust your diet.

Month 3: Etc…. 

    Goal setting is crucial before embarking on any new endeavor. This is not only true in the gym, but it also applies in life! By setting goals and seeing them through, success will follow. The little goals represent the inches and the big goal represents a mile. Those inches all add up to make the mile…   SUCCESS