"HUMAN MEAT gets you RIPPED!!!" Famous words of Bird, one of our clients that has gotten extemly good results from our weight training and bootcamp program. If you are looking for some low carb recipes to compliment your bootcamp training and get lean well here are some great ideas!! You will find some great tasting meals that give you the feedom to mix and match with side dishes. You will also find some humor in the names of the recipes such as "muscle balls" and "human meat"!!!
The Elite Fitness Metabolic Diet: The metabolic diet works by using dietary fats for energy, thus igniting the Krebs cycle to drive body fat into the cells to be burned. You keep proteins high to save muscle tissue and carbohydrates low to ensure lipolysis, which is the use of fat for energy.
It is a common misconception that alcohol itself makes a person “fat” because of the calories being consumed. Although alcohol can be detrimental to our gains in the gym, this theory is not entirely true. Lets take a more in depth look at the effect alcohol consumption has on the human body and 9 reasons why it should be avoided!