Body Sculpting

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All private and semi-private programs include body composition analysis, meal planning, nutritional guidance, supplement suggestions, and unlimited fitness boot camp. We at Elite Fitness Training believe in shaping your body through exercise. Our Body Sculpting programs are for people who want to shape specific parts of their body. Each client, in consultation with Jarrod, is guided towards choosing specific areas to sculpt for their body type and aesthetic goals. Through strength testing, each individual body part is isolated, tested and given a 4-6 week periodized resistance program to shape and tone specific muscles and areas of the body. With this method the weights, sets, and repetitions used are always perfectly aligned to the individual and their goals. There is no guessing, only science and a system that gives you definite results, every single time.

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This program design method is appropriate for men and women, at almost any fitness level. It is used to shape the male and female bodies of competitive Bikini, Figure and Physique athletes as well men and women just wanting to look their best. If you have never experienced the results of a periodized strength testing based program, I encourage you to not settle for anything else, wherever you train. Science has proven there is no equal in a program's ability to achieve results.

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 *Individual results may vary.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Elite Fitness Training requires a 30-day notice to cancel memberships. This applies to ALL boot camp and personal training clients. Cancellations may be submitted by email to or a written notice may be left at the front desk. We are pleased to be able to offer fitness services with no sign-up fees or first/last month deposits and we thank you for being our valued clients. Any questions can be directed to Jarrod at 951.329.1624.